The Perfect Outfit & Accessory for every Little Princess!

I first started making Bows/Headbands in 2011 when my daughter was pregnant with my first grand daughter. She had bought some headbands and was complaining about how expensive they were. I took a quick look at it and told her I could probably make these for her pretty much out of any fabric she chose. She got excited and started ordering me supplies and before you know it we opened our first ETSY shop. I also believe you shouldn't have to wait a month to get an item. As a grandparent I know that we have limited time and sometimes you need an outfit or an accessory in a time crunch. So I am committed to sending orders our the same day as long as I am not on vacation. I work from 6am to 9pm on most days. I have to constantly anticipate what will be trending and have enough in stock to send out as an order comes in. But I do it all because I love it. Nothing makes me happier than seeing Happy Customers send me pictures of their gorgeous children in my outfits and accessories.

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